Memorability includes using page names and URL’s that make
the resource easy to find. The ability to integrate the “virtual conference”
onto the web site for the professional society that sponsors the annual CHI
conference was an important aspect of capturing
users that already have some interest in the content. Because of the path
dependent nature of content access (content linked to other content) users of
the web must encounter content where they expect it–or they will not find
it. A good search engine might help this problem–but in many situations
a user must know what they
want before they can find it with a search engine. This dilemma–that one
must know what they want before they know that they want it–limits the user
of the search engine to finding only what they expect and does not take
advantage of the semantic architecture of the World Wide Web. By integrating
our “virtual conference” into the flow of users seeking information on the field
of human-computer interaction, everyone who remembered that
was where information regarding human factors and computing is located could
also browse our web site. We also selected a name of our virtual conference
that parodied the real conference–CHI’00 (KH’i naught).

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