.Key Report #1: Referring Search Terms From Search Engines The report that
tells you which search phrases people are using to find your site tells you
a lot about your users.

.Key Report #2: Referring URLs
Look at the report that tells you which Web sites are sending you traffic.
Does this correspond to your expectations?

.Key Report #3: Content Popularity
It’s essential to view the list of Top 10 (or 15) most popular pages on your
site. “Knowing what content is being consumed can lead you to so many
insights,” Kaushik says. “What are people coming to my Web site for? Are the
things that I want to promote actually the things that people are looking

.Key Report #4: Percent of Visitors Who Visit the Home Page This metric
often shocks site owners. “They think that everyone sees the homepage, so
they put their maximum energies and promotion there.” But since search
engines display a site’s internal pages, most users enter a site far from
the home page.

.Key Report #5: Site Overlay
Wouldn’t you love it if you could open your site and see exactly where
people are clicking? With the Site Overlay report you can. It displays your
actual pages – just as they look to users – with a click level indicator
next to each link. It shows the number of people who click on each link.

.Key Report #6: Site Bounce Rate
The Bounce Rate report reveals the number of visitors who stayed just a few
seconds. These are the people who came to your site but didn’t engage. In
short, your bounce rate is your failure rate.