This kept our email addresses clean, but we did have a problem at one point.
SPAM bots kept going after one of our forms. We didn’t want to burden our
users with those PITA hoops of typing the barely legible string of
characters in the graphic tricks, so we tried something different. We have
two hidden fields on every form, and they all have a set value by default. A
real user with a browser cannot see them or change them unless they’re using
something like Tamper Data. So, the value stays the same. Bots see the
fields and change them. Our servers check the value of the fields, and if
they have changed, it doesn’t deliver the email. That has eliminated 99% of
the spam through the website.

input type=”hidden” name=”25e11d7f” value=”9e5510f” /
input type=”hidden” name=”103228ec” value=”2209ee31″ /

input type=”hidden” name=”3b8f8082″ value=”2148a195″ /

I’m assuming that the CFM file the form is submitted to compares these name/value pairs to ones it has set in the program?