It’s more about how government & big business will “take over” the interent, but I made these selective cuts:

The internet, the first many-to-many medium, was going to liberate us
from the tyranny of centralised media and the rancid consumerism that
says we are merely receptacles for what Big Business, including Big
Media, wants us to buy

* there are the big media and
entertainment corporations of the US. They are peeved because their
audience is being poached by a DIY army of online publishers and

* That is what makes the web a ‘pull’ medium. You
make the show yourself, another reason why traditional media are
flummoxed. They only know how to push stuff down the pipes.

Within 10 years, there will be no distinction between software
companies, phone networks, search engines, movie studios and internet
service providers. There will just be Web plc.

* All the
hyperbole that was first draped around the web has proved inadequate.
In the way it transforms and accelerates the communication of ideas
between individuals and societies, it is about as big as the invention
of the alphabet. And it is free. But for how long? The machinery of
government and big business is only just beginning to understand the
scale of the web. The culture of common purpose that prevails today is
a product of neglect as much as design. The real gold rush has barely
begun. To experience the sharing culture of the blogosphere today is
like living in a commune built on an oil field. One day, the diggers
will move in.

* Ours is the last generation that will remember the analogue world and feel the difference between the two realms.

  Access Denied Article – Rafael Behr