Adapt or Die

As newspaper companies confront a challenging future, they are increasingly viewing their trademark print product as the engine driving a diverse “portfolio” that embraces other […]

Climate Key words

Searches   climate 124,267 climate control 24,536 climate change 17,433 climate news 11,814 national climate 9,890 climate change solutions 9,465 saudi arabia climate 8,573 climate […]

URL Recall 3

“Human memory for sequences is temporally limited, with a short term capacity of around seven, plus or minus two items. In addition, when humans do […]

URL Recall 2

Memorability includes using page names and URL’s that make the resource easy to find. The ability to integrate the “virtual conference” onto the web site […]

URL Recall 1

However, reports and literature on this subject suggests users attach both meaning andpurpose to URLs or domain names. The capacity of short and long term […]