This one’s about being more open to questions & ideas we’d perhaps too easily dismiss (Drayton: guilty as charged)

is underrated. It’s the newbie who does something he didn’t know was
supposed to be impossible. It’s the naive guy asking the one dumb
question any clued-in person would diss. And it’s that question that
leads to the answer no expert would have found.

The clueless
accomplish amazing things–not necessarily because we’re bold,
brilliant innovators, but perhaps because we just don’t know any
better. We see the simplicity of the forest while Those Who Know are
overanalyzing the complex subtleties of the trees (and miss the point).
Sometimes NOT knowing about a “problem” weakens (or eliminates) it.”

Mathematician/philosopher Alfred North Whitehead said,
“The ‘silly question’ is the first intimation of some totally new development.”

  The Clueless Manifesto