Written by a Professor of Journalism in Argentina (translated from Spanish):

the story that is published on the Internet today is still being
produced as it has historically been produced in printed media.

author deals with the important stuff (he writes) and other people
enlarge or enrich his text by adding design and content. This working
process conceives of the author as a one-talent person: he can only

In this scenario, somebody is specifically in charge of
the layout, another person takes the pictures, a third one chooses the
photos, somebody else handles the videos and audio that will be
eventually edited by another person and, finally, a “technician” posts
everything online.

In such a structure, a journalist is believed to have less ability than a 16-year-old boy who makes his own weblog.

This mechanism strangles the size and richness of the story.

the author has no control on what, where and how the multimedia content
will appear, this content will inevitably be excluded from his story.

believe, as is usually the case, that the reader’s ability to check
content separately, in itself, constitutes a multimedia edition (click
to watch the video) is nearly equivalent to suppose that eating some
lettuce and then drinking two spoons of oil will give us a salad. Some
things must be mixed up in order to work.”

  The End of Childhood