Nowadays, as the
Internet is currently on track to have 200 million plus domains registered
by the year 2003, with tens of millions of Dot Coms alone registered already,
it is proving hard to get a short snappy URL (Unique Resource Locator, the
techie word for a web address).
The shorter a URL
the less characters you need to type, so the easier it is to remember. Yet
also this is a reason to get a powerful English word such as Amazon (.com),
as you don’t have to remember´┐Ż “was it or”?
Memorability is also the reason for the final major aspects of domain scarcity:
Industry Size. If your name describes the product you deal with such as for a loans company then it is usually more memorable to site
users, who can then find you again amongst the millions of other Dot Coms.
And by this Industry Size criteria is clearly more valuable than