According to a 2005 Forrester
survey, 43 percent of U.S. online consumers rely on PayPal’s services.
Of these shoppers, 80 percent say they are more likely to buy from a
merchant that offers PayPal, and these are shoppers that merchants
desire. Sixty percent of PayPal users are high-net-worth individuals,
ages 35 to 64, and 75 percent are college educated.

Checkout the competition

PayPal’s overwhelming market share is likely to diminish with the introduction of Google Checkout (
Like PayPal, Google Checkout offers a checkout process that makes
online shopping faster, more convenient, and more secure for online
shoppers. Google Checkout allows shoppers to complete transactions
faster by entering their login information and avoiding the hassle of
filling out multiple forms.

Like PayPal, Google Checkout improves a shopper’s security by
concealing the buyer’s credit card number and providing reimbursement
for unauthorized purchases. Google Checkout also lets shoppers choose