I received an email today inviting me to help save the tiger by contributing a photo to an online tiger mosaic that WWF are building. When I got to the site and had uploaded my photo (which was of an actual tiger, by the way), I had a look around and it’s amazing how much they have been doing.

They have:

* RSS feeds
* A creative commons licence
* A page explaining how to use their content on your site
* A Digg this link
* An add to del.icio.us link
* Browser toolbars
* A search plug-in for Firefox or IE7
* The tiger mosaic, of course, at http://www.panda.org/how_you_can_help/campaign/endtigertrade/viewer.cfm

They’re also doing some very interesting CRM work, based on participants accumulating points for involving themselves in aggregated actions like emailing a government minister.

I have no idea who’s doing this work for them, but it’s impressive how much they’ve embraced interactivity.