washingtonpost.com has launched a new feature that pulls together all of a users’ contributions to article comments or discussion boards on an individual’s MyPost page.

On the site’s blog, Karl Eisenhower, Assistant Managing Editor for Newsroom Operations & Hal Straus, Interactivity and Communities Editor, writes:

Our goal is to provide you with a home base on the site, a page where you’ll be able to both share and track your thoughts over time. When you post a comment to an article or discussion group, you’ll be able to get to your MyPost page by clicking on your MyPost ID just above the comment or by clicking on your ID where it appears in the top left corner of the washingtonpost.com home page.

Other readers will be able to browse to your MyPost page from your comments and, once there, view what you’ve had to say or ask to message you by sending a “friend request”. You’ll see those requests on your page — they won’t be visible to others — and may choose to accept them, turn them down or ignore them.

You’ll be able to exchange messages with readers you’ve accepted as “friends” on the site, and those messages will appear on your page. By default, only you and your friends will be able to see them, although you can open them up to any site visitor by changing the settings in the Profile section of your page. You can also tell others about yourself in your Profile by uploading a photo or filling in a brief bio.

MyPost isn’t intended to be MySpace or another general social networking site, but a feature that will make washingtonpost.com more useful to you and others. We’ll be adding features to MyPost over the next few months and hope you’ll email us with your comments and suggestions.

washingtonpost.com launches My Post