The instructions are:

 * How do I submit a comment to Google News? *

If you have been mentioned in a story and you would like to submit a comment to Google News, you can do so by sending an email to The email should contain:

  – Your comment
  – A link to the story you are commenting on
  – Your contact details: your name, title, and organization
  – How we can verify your email address.

For example, if the Tooth Fairy wanted to comment on a recent story about dental hygiene, she might sign her comment:

“Sincerely, Tooth Fairy.

Verify my identity by losing a tooth and placing it under your pillow. Iwill leave you a business card along with a small payment for your tooth. Alternately you can call 1-800-TEETH-4-ME and speak to my assistant, The Tooth Mouse, who can confirm my email address and comment.”

It is important that we are able to verify your identity, so please include clear instructions with your comment. If further information is needed, we will follow-up over email.