Flickr photo by Beth

A few weeks ago I was doing a workshop and demoing some of the tools
of social media.  I took the above photo with my camera phone and
uploaded to flickr.  When I got to showing Twitter, I was met with
the usual skepticism.   So, I twittered about it as part of
the demo and asked my network to leave some comments on the flickr

Within in about 5-10 minutes, we had over 100 comments (plus lots of annotations
on the photo using the notes feature on Flickr).  This is always
powerful to demonstrate the rapid spread of information and the
networked effect – and can help open the possiblities.

Chris Brogan started a project called “Twitter Packs” which is a simple list of people who use twitter organized by interests or locations.  The Nonprofit Twitter Pack is here
(are you following everyone?).   I think that if we the
nonprofit people organize and find each other we can have a richer
experience on Twitter.   

The list below is from the Nonprofit Twitter Pack section — Not on the nonprofit list?  Add yourself here.