1) For legal reasons, we have to be very proactive on
copyright violations.
2) You can’t license the use of copyrighted
material on Wikipedia; only the copyright owners can do that.
3) This
article would probably have been deleted anyway, as being about an non-notable organization; see WP:GROUP.
4) Since you have a relationship with this organization, you probably
shouldn’t be editing any articles about them anyway, under our restrictions on edits by persons with conflicts of interest. —Orange Mike | Talk 14:03, 7 May 2008 (UTC)
  1. Information on copyright releases can be found here.
  2. As to the conflict-of-interest issue, the thing to do is first to
    request that some impartial third party create an article, a thing done
  3. If an editor agrees that the organization passes muster under WP:GROUP, and an article is
    created, then COI persons would make suggestions on the talk page of
    the article, and other editors would take up the suggestions they found
    most useful.
  4. (I’d advise you to clarify the relationship between OPA,
    the WWF, etc., because I was having trouble figuring it out from the