The time you spend online does matter. According to
Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere 2008 report, almost 50% of
bloggers dedicate from five to ten hours per week to their own blogs.
Via computer or via mobile, bloggers seem to understand the importance of using tools to provide their users with always new, updated content.

But frequently updates may not suffice. Is your content easily searchable on the internet? Or you just rely on your aficionados to get good traffic? Bloggers know the importance of Google ranking and linking to other blogs to gain more authority.
They know this is a good way to have people stumbling upon your blog
while searching for their interests, and maybe find some other
interesting stuff you have already published.

And do not forget about tags. Technorati’s top 100 bloggers use targeted tagging to make sure their blog gets good results on search engines. Classifying the content of your blog with good, targeted keywords
makes your content more easy to found on the internet. Posts, videos,
images, podcasts: everything can be tagged to improve its reachability.

So, which kind of blogger are you? Read further for some advices on how to improve your blogging experience.