Little squares made up of various black and white boxes, you’ve seen them on bus shelters, inside of mass transit, or in magazines. You’ve probably wondered “what the hell is this?” That, my friend, is a 2D bar code. Often called a QR code, it’s the latest way marketing goof-balls are jumping on the “me too” bandwagon. If you see a QR code (and actually know what it is) you can download an app on your phone, take a picture of the code and voila! you get content.

Brands and marketers don’t seem to grasp how disengaging this is. So, what better way to create a dialogue than running through the 11 Reasons QR Codes Suck.

QR Codes: 
Make receiving simple content difficult 
Lack measurement compared to text messaging 
Lack follow-up 
Require mobile devices to stop being mobile 
Can’t go viral 
Remove brand association 
Only work on smart phones with cameras 
Take up a lot of space 
Have no standard format 
Can’t be used in television or radio 
Are still not recognized by the general public